rotating moldavite

I am in love with the macro universe.

Here's 16 minutes of rotating moldavite. you're welcome.

14.7 million years ago a meteorite smashes into what is now Germany. It hits with such a force and pressure that the firey plasma of the meteorite melts sediments on the ground and flings molten pieces of the resulting fusion glass flying through the air in an ellipse for thousands of miles, solidifying at stratospheric altitudes and raining down on what is now the Czech Republic. Glass is formed as a result of most meteoric impacts... but Moldavite is the only variation of said impact glass or tektite that is a gem quality and has such brilliance of color, ranging from translucent teals to rich olivines; and with a variation of shape from teardrop to starburst. It is a tortured glass, a result of momentary transformation.