Swarovski X Hearst Digital Media

One of the more decent budgets I’ve gotten this year was for a Swarovski Mothers Day 2019 Campaign. It consists of 2 main deliverables across Hearst’s platforms including Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmo, etc as well as 1 deliverable for Men’s Health and additional vertical cutdowns. I’ve become very adept at framing for different aspect ratios on set and this campaign is a perfect example of that!

Film Festival Action early 2019

I’ve been pleased to see some recent projects finishing up and doing well out in the world, so here are a few updates.

SPACE - Dir. Jesse Thurston has played at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Maryland International Film Festival among others and has recently had it’s online premiere on No Budge.


Getting To Carnegie has been screening internationally from Berlin to NYC at the New York Independent Film Festival in May. It has also won “Excellence in Filmmaking” at the Sedona International Film Festival and is set to be distributed via PBS’s new streaming service later this year.


Aviva Neuman’s latest film will soon be hitting the festival circuit, secret news on that coming soon.


much more indie filmmaking news to come.

Weird Puppet Videos

I shot these weird puppet videos for Buzzfeed a while back... they came out a few months ago and noone told me. Seems like they've gotten a bunch of views, not matter how basic they are. It's always a fun challenge for me to work on this scale and i think there are some fun moments here. 

New Short Film available online

A year or so ago I hiked my camera backwards up a mountain shooting this very intimate short film with director, David Lombrosso

This project was intended to be a personal narrative and the content of it is very near to me. Its a great privilege to collab on projects that I feel personally connected to and I think the piece turned out beautifully between the sound design and the way Dave used the footage. 

DIY anamorphic

I have been experimenting recently with DIY anamorphic solutions for my personal videos. It's another tool in the tool kit and good practice for a few larger scale projects I have in the works where we'll be using legit anamorphic cinema primes and zooms. I'm enjoying the qualities I'm getting out of the Century Precision Optics 16:9 ratio converter on my A7sii which is what both of the below videos are shot on. Soon to come will be more content shot on my new/old Iscorama 54 SC... very exciting. 

Film Festival Action

There have been a handful of films which I have collaborated on at various film festivals all over the world recently. These are the types of projects that fill my soul. Independently spirited filmmakers who really bring their project from concept to completion to actually actively getting them out in the world and in front of live audiences. This process is so special to me. I love doing commercial and television work as well, it flexes a certain muscle... but these flex my heart. Congrats to Jo and Cameron and Jimmy and Aviva.  Here's some trailers/images



AARON - New York Short Film Festival 





My short doc, IDIOTAROD, my first directorial project that I have officially sold has aired on BRICTV'S cable channel as well as on it's digital channel under BK Stories. check it out here

contact me if you want to see a  private directors cut version ;)

in a world of high tech camera tests

Sometimes one must look backwards.

Joe and I have been working on an aesthetic for a new series of videos and wanted to compare a semi-modern 1080 to SD video on the first video camera I ever owned, the trusty ol' GL2. The results of this test may surprise you! 

More Beauty

I've shot many many makeup/beauty videos in the past few months, Hearst Digital Media has been keeping me busy. Here are a couple with many many more in the works. 

Vice News Tonight

I've been much enjoying shooting for VNT on HBO - in most of the pieces I've worked on for them in the last four months I feel as if I'm telling an essential story which needs to be shared. I feel in other ways as well, like I'm operating 1-3 cameras, a drone, monitoring and recording four channels of audio with the new FS7 firmware and occasionally shooting with Movi rigged to a vehicle going full speed on the highway. They certainly make me work for it, but I'm proud of the  work on these three pieces. 


I'm pleased to share my new documentary reel, rather than a traditional reel with images set to music I've tried to make this more about the scene work and include content to give context to the images. CHECK IT OUT.


There have been a couple projects I've worked on where I feel like I get amazing content over the course of the shoot and nothing comes of the material. 

Corey Abel helped me get this edit whipped into shape, tight and looking good! check it out if you have a minute.


more unfinished projects coming soon!


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Aviva Neuman on a new short film with a current working title of Aaron, I'm really excited about this one and will have more to come sooooon.

excellent on camera collaborators, Eli Gelb and Chris Roberti

excellent on camera collaborators, Eli Gelb and Chris Roberti



rotating moldavite

I am in love with the macro universe.

Here's 16 minutes of rotating moldavite. you're welcome.

14.7 million years ago a meteorite smashes into what is now Germany. It hits with such a force and pressure that the firey plasma of the meteorite melts sediments on the ground and flings molten pieces of the resulting fusion glass flying through the air in an ellipse for thousands of miles, solidifying at stratospheric altitudes and raining down on what is now the Czech Republic. Glass is formed as a result of most meteoric impacts... but Moldavite is the only variation of said impact glass or tektite that is a gem quality and has such brilliance of color, ranging from translucent teals to rich olivines; and with a variation of shape from teardrop to starburst. It is a tortured glass, a result of momentary transformation. 

New Site - drone

website - check.

I can't exactly just sit down on the sidewalk in most of NYC, unload a DJI Phantom 3 out of a large case and fly it among the powerlines if I'm not trying to get in trouble with my unregistered drone. This is why whenever I'm out of the  city if possible I bring it along, thing is just to damn fun to fly. 

for being the plastic toy that it is, the Phantom 3 4K makes a perspective which can add to the value of any shoot it would call for.